Like a huge diamond, the Chinese luxury market has many facets and shades.
But that complexity is ruled by a core structure of basic insights and needs.
Anytime we start a new project, we dig until we don’t discover that revealing simplicity behind the complexity.
With our network, we are able to handle researches based on targeted interviews in various cities of China. A mixed team of planners, local Chinese and foreigners (living in China for several years), understand and crack research results to create solid and tight brand strategies.


The creative team is full of contradictions: multicultural and local, edgy and classy, visionary and concrete, digital and traditional, professional but also with a touch of craziness (hopefully in a good way!). It’s from the tension of these opposites that we create.
The Italian creative leadership ensures a full understanding of luxury brands creativity and an almost maniacal attention for every single detail in the execution.


New technologies are part of our DNA.
Our digital background covers:
- Mobile APP development
- E-commerce
- Social platforms
- Weixin solutions
- Weibo campaigns
- Retail store interactive solutions
We constantly explore new technologies that, together with traditional media, complete and enrich the end to end experience.