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HiKid Educational platform


Strategy and Creativity for HiKid seeding plan.

Hikid is a milk baby formula which aims to target families in T3 and T4 Cities of China.

Our Strategy
In T3 and T4 cities, opportunities for parents to get advices from the best Chinese nutrition experts are pretty rare. Our strategy was to provide parents in T3 and T4 cities with unique opportunities to grow their child nutrition skills by offering them free consultation from recognized experts.

Our Idea
HiKid City.
- A physical and virtual space where parents can live a growing experience together with their kids, by learning from accredited child nutrition experts and enjoying educational/fun activities -

We created an educational platform covering 20 cities of China, with offline events offering free doctors and entertaining activities for families, integrated with an online CRM service with live experts available on Wechat to assist parents anytime anywhere.